Rediscover Destination Yellowstone

West Yellowstone was founded in 1907 as a year-round paradise for daring explorers and peaceful wanderers alike. That legacy continues today with a brand-new look.

Welcome to the Heart of Yellowstone. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains and lush forests, Destination Yellowstone’s new logo proudly displays our promise of adventure within West Yellowstone’s authentic charm. Our new brand is energetic, sophisticated, and unapologetic — just like our travelers who dare to let their wild sides free.

We’ve completely revitalized our look, website, and more to bring you all the information you need in a fresh, convenient style. From custom trip guides specifically curated for your interests to monthly content with local travel tips and more, every piece was crafted to elevate your adventure. It’s time to explore all the unforgettable experiences West Yellowstone has to offer — let us lead the way.