Chamber Information


Our West Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce has a unique responsibility. In addition to the commerce role of supporting local business, we also function as a destination marketing organization (DMO). As a destination marketing organization, we have three strategic goals:

  • Attract visitors by communicating an image consistent with our long-term vision as a vacation destination and one that places high value on existing assets, amenities, and natural resources of the region.
  • Continue to expand our marketing effectiveness by joining our efforts with those of marketing partners. Incorporate the Montana brand pillars and initiatives whenever possible.
  • Continue to target our market as accurately as possible to assure funding is used to reach an audience that asks for information, travels to West Yellowstone, and spends significant dollars.

We hope that you will want to become actively involved in a Chamber Committee or serve on the Chamber Board. The board meets each second Tuesday at Noon, during the lunch hour. Please participate and help with your input and talents.

We are also looking for volunteers willing to help with specific tasks necessary to accomplish the many events that the West Yellowstone Chamber sponsors and supports throughout the year.

We need your ideas and input on dealing with the challenges of a destination location, including increasing numbers of international travelers, aging infrastructure, encroaching competition, and evolving changes to our business community.


  • 4th of July – coordinate and publicize 4th of July activities including parade, fireworks, and other related activities
  • Bicycle – develop and coordinate bicycle-related events and activities, including the annual West Yellowstone Old Faithful Cycle Tour
  • Cross-Country (Nordic Ski) – develop and coordinate muscle powered winter-related events and activities working with WYSEF (West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation), including the annual Yellowstone Ski Festival
  • Ice Fishing – develop and coordinate events and activities related to ice fishing
  • Kids’N’Snow – coordinates an award program that encourages kids to get out and try winter activities in a fun and safe environment, enhancing a healthy lifestyle
  • Marketing – create and implement annual Montana State Accommodations-funded Marketing Plan & Budget under the administration of the Director of Marketing
  • Membership – develop membership marketing materials, execute campaigns to recruit new members, and work to retain existing members
  • Snowmobile Events Committee – develop and coordinate winter events and activities related to snowmobiling, snow bikes, and other motorized winter activities
  • Trail Grooming – coordinate with the USFS to oversee trail grooming department and operations


President/CEO: Katrina Wiese

Marketing Assistant: Trent Redfield

Bookkeeper: Sue Knapp


  • Alma Clark (Co-Chair)
  • Garrett Ostler (Co-Chair)
  • Janna Turner (Treasurer)
  • Melissa Alder
  • Kristy Coffin
  • Jaime Cosson
  • Brad & Sydney Delaney
  • Tim Jenkins
  • Jenn Schluchter
  • SJ Sheppard