Camping In Style As A Senior In West Yellowstone

Baby boomers account for 19% of all campers in the U.S., while ‘mature’ adults add another 5% to the annual tally, according to The 2018 North American Camping Report. And there’s no better place for senior citizens to enjoy the great outdoors than by choosing to camp out in one of West Yellowstone’s camping hotspots. But, rather than camp the old fashioned way, it’s much more fun to opt for a luxurious camping experience.

Opt for upmarket accommodation

If camping has always been on your bucket list but spending the night outdoors puts you off, then you should consider glamping instead. One-third of individuals state that they’d like to camp in a cabin, tree house, pod, or yurt over a tent. And these types of camping accommodation are perfect for seniors looking to put their feet up and enjoy their later years, without having to bed down on a hard, cold floor. In West Yellowstone, you’ll find the Under Canvas Yellowstone camping site, which offers deluxe tent suites complete with private in suite bathrooms, king size beds, and wooden stoves.

Get the most out of your trip for less


The average camper travels less than 100 miles to their destination of choice, according to Forbes. This is beneficial if you’re a senior as it means less money is spent on travel and your savings can be used to prepare for your years ahead. And you can save even more cash for your retirement and get the most out of what West Yellowstone has to offer by choosing to camp in a beautiful location which offers stunning views for no additional cost. At Yellowstone KOA Mountain Side, you can witness magnificent views of the Continental Divide and will come face to face with multiple wildlife.

Treat yourself to good food

There’s no need to wait hours for your campfire to get hot enough so you can warm up some baked beans and toast a few slices of bread when you’re a senior camping out in West Yellowstone. Yellowstone Park / West Gate KOA camping ground offers campers the luxury of freshly cooked breakfasts and dinners between June and September. As such, you can leave your pots and pans at home and enjoy tasty ribs, supersize pancakes, Angus beef burgers, bacon and eggs, and a whole lot more during your visit to West Yellowstone.

West Yellowstone offers a whole host of camping opportunities to seniors who want to camp in style. So, whether it’s upmarket accommodation, money-can’t-buy experiences, or indulging in a treat or two, you can be sure that West Yellowstone will provide it.