Yellowstone Giant Screen

Experience Yellowstone’s History and Beauty at the Giant Screen Theatre

You Haven’t Experienced Yellowstone Until You’ve Been to the Yellowstone Giant Screen Theatre! Located at the west entrance of the Yellowstone National Park, the Yellowstone Giant Screen Theatre is a “must-see” on your travel itinerary. Far more than just a theatre, the Yellowstone Giant Screen Theatre offers a rare educational opportunity.

Through the stunning film “Yellowstone” as well as displays located in the lobby, visitors can see the true Yellowstone as it is today and as it was a hundred and 100,000 years ago. Learn about Yellowstone’s fascinating history and geological wonders at the Yellowstone Giant Screen Theatre.

Yellowstone Trading Post Gift Shop

In addition to most of the theater’s movies and soundtracks on DVD and CD, we offer many unique gifts and keepsakes from T-shirts to fine art sculptures and Huckleberry Gourmet Treats.


After viewing the feature, Yellowstone, be insure to view the actual movie props in our lobby as well as our educational display: The Yellowstone Hot Spot. Visitors marvel at Yellowstone’s scenic beauty but there is much more than meets the eye!


We offer Coke, Nescafe, and Peace Tea beverages as well as a variety of tempting snacks such as cinnamon roasted almonds and pecans, ice cream, and more!



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