Bob Jacklin Casting Pond Dedication


Oct 03 2023


5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Bob Jacklin Casting Pond Dedication

Join us as we celebrate the Bob Jacklin Casting Pond!
Tuesday, October 3
at the Casting Pond
at Town Council Chambers
(during council meeting)
The Town of West Yellowstone has rich historical roots in the evolution of fly fishing as a sport and the technology associated with it. Since the inception of Yellowstone National Park, fly fishing has played a large role in the economy and culture of our community.
In 1967, Bob Jacklin arrived in West Yellowstone and soon started an educational program that is still very active today. The Casting Pond was created in 1982. Every Sunday throughout the summers, Bob and a number of volunteers work with anglers of all ages and talent levels to improve their casting skills.
After forty years of harsh winters and sunny summers, the original casting pond fell into a state of disrepair, and the facility was all but forgotten by many locals and long-time visitors.
This new casting facility will function as not only a great amenity for town, our visitors, and our businesses, but also serve as a sort of cultural hub where the fly fishing community can gather. We also envision the new pond and park as a monument to honor our rich fly-fishing heritage in West Yellowstone. As part of that vision, we unanimously decided to name the new facility after Bob Jacklin, to honor his decades of contributions to fly fishing and our community.
This project made possible by: The West Yellowstone Foundation, Town of West Yellowstone, Jon Simms and his team, Museum of the Yellowstone, Blue Ribbon Flies, Big Sky Anglers, Jacklin’s Fly Shop, Bob and Sharyn Jacklin and many individuals who have donated to the project.


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