Ice Fishing

Fishing in West Yellowstone is available year-round. In the colder months, fly fishermen can be seen wading waist-deep in the icy waters of the Gallatin and Madison Rivers, and ice fishing on the lakes is quickly becoming a popular winter experience.

If you’ve never been ice fishing before, a few essentials to get started include rods and reels best suited for the ice, an ice auger, rod blanks, tackle, and bait and lures to attract your preferred catch. Not only is equipment important, but doing the proper research on clothing and even shanties will help keep you safe and warm on your fishing expedition. Of course, our local experts are available to help point you in the right direction.

Our pros suggest Hebgen Lake for anyone looking for some great brown and rainbow trout fishing. Its nonstrenuous hike and beautiful scenery that surrounds the lake make it perfect for beginners and anyone looking to spend a nice winter day outdoors. In addition to Hebgen Lake, you can try out Ennis Lake, which is right up 287, just past Ennis. Here you’ll find more great brown and rainbow fish and some mountain whitefish.

For any fishing in the area, be sure to obtain the correct permits and licenses.