Current and new museum exhibits for Spring, Summer and Winter 2013

A Place Called Thorofare:

An exhibition about the Thorofare region of Yellowstone and the back country outpost situated in this most remote area in the lower forty-eight states.

Stage Coaches and Freight Wagons:

A number of historically refurbished stage coaches and freight wagons are on display. Be sure to see the Mount Washburn special, one of only three coaches built specifically for the trip to the top of Mount Washburn and back - and the only one of its kind known to still exist intact.

Wonderland by Train:

Learn about the Union Pacific Railroad's role in the development of the town on West Yellowstone, and its tradition of service to Yellowstone National Park.

Beanery Queens:

They came for the job, and left with memories. Learn about the young women who traveled to West Yellowstone to work for the Union Pacific. They sang, waited tables, and even had time for their own Yellowstone adventures.

Savage Days in Yellowstone:

From the park's earliest days Yellowstone stage coach drivers claimed the title of "Savages." Since that time, concession workers have proudly continued the tradition. Experience the life of a Savage working in Yellowstone National Park a savage in the 1950s.

Snow Planes, Snow Coaches, and Snowmobiles:

Experience the history of mechanized over-the-snow travel. See how the technology has evolved and how West Yellowstone played a role in its growth.

Wings into West:

Learn about air service into our small mountain community. This exhibit includes captivating photos, biographies, stories, and accounts of the local characters, the pilots, and the airlines involved with air travel to West Yellowstone.

Old Snaggletooth:

Do not feed the bears! The management of wildlife with the presence of humans continues to be an ongoing struggle for the National Parks. Learn about the history of bears in the area, and meet "Old Snaggletooth," West Yellowstone's most famous dumpster diving bear.

West Yellowstone Fly Fishing History:

Some of the most famous names in fly fishing have their roots in West Yellowstone. Learn about them and the impact they had on the development of the sport. See some of the best examples of fly rods and reels as well as great examples of the art of master fly tying.

Theater programs: Educational films are shown continually throughout the day.

*Yellowstone Aflame: Watch the destruction and rebirth caused by the great Yellowstone fires of 1988 that burnt over one third of the Park, and nearly destroyed the Town of West Yellowstone.

*The Night the Mountain Fell: Watch actual footage and hear first hand accounts of the 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake tragedy that sent a mountain tumbling down upon sleeping campers.

*Odyssey: Watch the fantastic voyage of the 1964 Montana Centennial Train, and then see one of the actual cars from the Centennial Train which is on display outside the museum.