Preparing For A Family Winter Adventure In West Yellowstone

Preparing For A Family Winter Adventure In West Yellowstone

Photo Courtesy of Dobson Entertainment

Every year, thousands of American families go on a winter vacation: a survey has revealed that 20 percent of all U.S. travelers are likely to take a snowboarding or skiing adventure. Moreover, most people prefer to take a vacation in a local winter destination such as Montana, Aspen or Lake Tahoe. One of the best places to go for a winter holiday is West Yellowstone, as it features 50 kilometers of Nordic ski trails, and apart from skiing, it’s where you can do other activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing and sledding. If you’re thinking about going on a winter holiday with your family, it’s important to be well-prepared to ensure a hassle-free trip. Here’s how you can prepare for a fun and stress-free family winter adventure in West Yellowstone.

Choose the right helmet

Having the right equipment is essential if you plan to do winter sports, and while you can certainly rent whatever you need from businesses within the Yellowstone area, it may be better to bring your own. Using a quality and well-fitting helmet, in particular, is of utmost importance, as it can protect you from concussion or other head injuries. Young children should always wear a helmet while on ski trails: research has found that kids who wear a helmet while doing winter sports sustain less severe head injuries than those who don’t wear a helmet at all. When choosing headgear, make sure that it fits the user well, and get each family member their own helmet so that everyone can be safe while having fun in the snow. Select helmets that have been certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials, as these have gone through rigorous testing before being approved for safety standards.

Bring your medication

Before leaving for your holiday, make sure to get refills for your prescription, and bring enough medicine for your vacation. Older adults who take maintenance medicine for hypertension, people with diabetes, and those with allergies should always make sure to have their medication with them at all times. If you’re traveling with a child with allergies, always have an extra auto injector such as an Epi-Pen with you, as you’ll never know when an allergic reaction could happen. Also, make sure that everyone in the family knows how to administer to a child or any other loved one who has allergies in case of an emergency while you’re out in the snow.

Stay warm

Stay warm by bringing the right clothes for your winter vacation. Thermal base layers are a must, as well as a fleece jacket to keep you warm, and of course, you’ll need a ski jacket before hitting the trails. Dress in layers so you can stay warm; doing so also allows you to add or remove pieces of clothing as needed. You’ll also need ski pants, as well as some padded shorts to wear under your pants to protect you in case you fall – the latter is especially useful if you have a few novice skiers in your group. Hats that cover your ears are also a must, as well as gloves and thick socks. Make sure to bring backups of these three items, as you’ll need to change them if they get wet. Meanwhile, hand and toe warmers, snow goggles, a neck warmer, a weatherproof backpack to carry your essentials for the day, and an insulated flask are all must-haves, as having these on hand will make your day playing in the snow more comfortable.

Being well prepared for your winter family getaway allows everyone to stay safe, healthy and comfortable during your vacation. Follow these tips before leaving for your holiday, and have a good time bonding with your loved ones in West Yellowstone.