3 Ways to Have a Winter Adventure in West Yellowstone

Visitors flock to West Yellowstone during the winter months to experience the seasonal beauty of Yellowstone National Park and take advantage of world-class opportunities for winter recreation. With an average of more than 150 inches of snowfall each year, the Greater Yellowstone region transforms into a winter wonderland complete with snow-draped mountains, icy waters, and

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Yellowstone 50 & 25K

Start and Finish at the Rendezvous Ski Trails, West Yellowstone, Montana 50K and 25K All Races Start at 9am Loop: Start and Finish at Same Location Mixed Rolling Terrain (No Pavement) Approximately 1,000 Feet Gain/Loss (25K) and 2,000 Feet Gain/Loss (50K) 25K One Full Aid Station, One Water Station-50K Two Full Aid Stations, Two Water Stations

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Crust Cruising in West Yellowstone

When spring comes to West Yellowstone, the days gradually grow warmer while the nights stay crisp and cold. These unique weather conditions can only mean one thing—it’s time for crust cruising!   What is crust cruising? When the snow warms and softens under the spring sunshine, it refreezes overnight into a smooth, sparkling crust. Skate skiers

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