Yellowstone Stagecoach Robbery

The date is July 29, 1914 and you are on a stagecoach trip in Yellowstone National Park.  You are not anticipating any problems and your journey has taken you near Shoshone Point which is east of Old Faithful. There are 25 stagecoaches involved in this journey.  Suddenly your group is confronted by gunmen who are

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Little Animals of Yellowstone

THE “LITTLE” INHABITANTS OF YELLOWSTONE When you think about the animals that call Yellowstone “home” your thoughts typically go to the bison (or buffalo), grizzly and black bears, elk, deer, moose and wolves and mountain goats. You think about the larger animals that you visit Yellowstone to get a glimpse of (hopefully). However, there is

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Yellowstone Bucket List

Yellowstone National Park is amazing! You’re here now and not quite sure how to get started I bet.  I am going to share with you 10 of my favorite stops in Yellowstone.  Keep in mind that the park is over 2.2 million Acres, and you will not see it all right away! My first and favorite

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Summer In West Yellowstone

When it comes to summertime activities, the West Yellowstone area is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. The long summer days provide visitors unlimited access to explore and play in the splendor of the high country. You can fish blue-ribbon trout streams, hike in pristine wilderness, experience real Western horseback riding, go whitewater rafting, or mountain bike

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Prepare for a Family Camping Trip

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Fox Camping with family comes with significant responsibilities. But if you prepare well, you are sure to have a fantastic experience. You will be out there in nature with lit skies accompanied by your loved ones. There’s nothing like it! Not just that, you and your dear ones will also get

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