West Yellowstone Historic District

With the railroad coming to town, it quickly became apparent to both the railroad and the Town of West Yellowstone that some new buildings and facilities were going to be needed. View of the railroad district from the water tower. The Oregon Shoreline began constructing facilities for train operation as well as passenger care at

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Explore West Yellowstone’s Past on the Historic Walking Tour

Dining Lodge. Photo courtesy of WYED and Yellowstone Historic Center. Driving through Yellowstone National Park is a breathtaking experience, but you might return to West Yellowstone with the urge to take a walk. Stroll along the West Yellowstone Historic Walking Tour to stretch your legs, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and learn the eclectic

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Motorcycles & Yellowstone

Photo by Guilherme Veloso on Unsplash Yellowstone On Two Wheels: What Motorcyclists Need To Know About Riding In The Park A record number of American households now own a motorcycle: over 8% in 2018, according to a survey conducted by the Motorcycle Industry Council. More and more people are choosing to explore the world on two

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Wonderlicious Daily Soup

Wonderlicious, soup to warm you up, nose to toes! Home Made and Hearty Soups served daily at the Book Peddler; Call (406-646-9358) or stop by (106 Canyon Street) for daily soup choices. Spoonful’s of comfort by the cup or the bowl, to stay or to go. Pick up your frequent customer card for soup and/or

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The Bridges of Yellowstone

I am sure you are all familiar with the movie “The Bridges of Madison County”.  Well, we are going to take a look at “The Bridges Of Yellowstone.” In searching for the history of the bridges I was directed to Geyser Bob’s Yellowstone site.  As usual, his website contains a wealth of information about all

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Yellowstone’s Kite Hill Cemetery

UNMARKED GRAVE AT KITE HILL CEMETERY In an earlier post I told you about the grave of Mattie Culver.  There are other cemeteries in Yellowstone but, unfortunately, at least one of them has gone into serious disrepair.  That would be Kite Hill Cemetery which is located behind the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel. Moon setting over

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Yellowstone Trailside Museums

Norris Museum Breezeway Yellowstone National Park, as a whole, is considered to be a living, breathing and ever changing museum.  To that end, the National Park Service has created four trailside museums in the park. In 1928 Park Superintendent Horace Albright proposed the construction of several small local museums that would enhance the experience of

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Drone Use in Greater Yellowstone

Photo courtesy of Dobson Entertainment A Guide to Responsible Drone Use in Greater Yellowstone Visitors journey to the Greater Yellowstone region to experience the beauty of pristine wilderness. Capturing memories of the experience is a top priority for many and recreational drones have increased in popularity among area visitors. Drones allow explorers to catch aerial

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