Recreational Maps On The Go

West Yellowstone is the gateway to hundreds of miles of trails and Forest Service Lands. We’ve now made it easier and safer to recreate in the area by making our trail maps available to download right to your smartphone or tablet through two different apps. The maps are geo-referenced and once downloaded, can be used

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A Taste of West Yellowstone

There’s more to West Yellowstone than scenic views and outdoor adventures—even the most active explorers need to power up with a fresh breakfast or wind down over a savory meal. Below, we serve up a selection of West Yellowstone’s best restaurants, with a few local recommendations on the side! Breakfast Whether you are grabbing breakfast

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Staying Safe in Bear Country

“Bear Friendly” means allowing every bear to retain its wild and free nature. Young grizzly bears. Spring is the time when bears and cubs emerge from their winter dens. Please enjoy our wildlife, especially bears, safely and responsibly. Being bear-friendly in Montana is a commitment. It may mean sacrificing the opportunity to see a bear

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Yellowstone National Park History: Yancey’s Pleasant Valley Hotel

Yancey’s Pleasant Valley Hotel in Yellowstone National Park Haynes 1887 winter expedition at Yancey’s; Photographer unknown; 1887 In the year 1826 in Barren County, Kentucky John F. Yancey was born.  At that time no one realized that he would one day have an impact on Yellowstone National Park.  Yancey was the 6th of ten children

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History & Museums

West Yellowstone’s history is as rich as your imagination. The area was first developed with the construction of the Union Pacific Railroad. This small Montana town witnessed the evolution of traveling into the world’s first national park with stagecoaches, dog sleds, Model T’s, snow planes, and more! At the Museum of the Yellowstone , view

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Playmill Theatre

Experience the traditional art of live performances at the Playmill Theatre. The Playmill shows are centered around fun and family values. The cast offers a personal and interactive experience from the time you are greeted and shown to your seat through the entire performance. In addition to an opening including songs, the cast captivates and

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